Buy the bookBook cover"Hidden Beauty" juxtaposes the artistic aspects of medical imagery with the stigma attributed to human disease. View images of normal anatomy, cancer, heart disease, AIDS, and cutting-edge research. The aestheticvs of modern art with the wonder of medical science are explored.

Atglen P.A. — The collaborative project by a scientist and artist from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine asks the reader to consider the aesthetics of humans disease, a dynamically powerful force of nature that acts without regard to race, religion or culture. Here more than sixty medical science professionals present visually stunning patterns of different diseases affecting various areas of the human anatomy. Captured with a variety of imagining technology ranging from spectral karyotyping to scanning electron microscopy, we see beauty in the delicate lacework of fungal hyphae invading a blood vessel, the structure of the normal cerebellum, and the desperate drive of metastasizing cancer cells. However, appreciation of the imagery produced by disease, which smacks of modern art, is bittersweet; we simultaneously experience the beauty of the natural world, and the pain of those living with these disease processes. Ultimately, this series of images will leave the viewer with an understanding and appreciation of the visual beauty inherent within the field of modern Medical science.

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